Kitchen additions service


If you are looking to add to your kitchen design in any way, then we are able to offer additional products via our additions service.

To allow us to understand your requirements and then subsequently provide an accurate quote we need as much detail as possible. This helps us identify your original order which is central to establishing key information such as the product range and colour that was originally supplied. Once we have this information we can advise you further.

Before submitting your enquiry please take time to read the ‘Additions Service’ document. This explains what we are able to provide as part of our additions service and importantly certain things that we are not able to do. Using the form below to submit your request (allowing up to 10 working days for a reply).

This document also contains some further information and things to think about whilst you are considering a possible addition to your kitchen.

Please note that this service and enquiry form is for new additional items only. If your enquiry relates to a Warranty claim then please contact our customer care team directly:

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Please fill in required fields, supplying any images where necessary.


    For us to respond as quickly and accurately as possible, please provide as much information as you can. This can include a description of the item(s) in question, room or product dimensions and/or images of your kitchen with copies of any original drawings. This information is important as it allows us to process an accurate quote for you. Delays may happen when information is missing linked to your job.

    Please note: We can only supply quotations for cabinetry/furniture. We cannot supply quotations for Appliances, Stone Worktops, Single Accessories, Lights, Pull-out bins and Wirework. Dependent on when your kitchen was purchased, certain ranges and colours may no longer be available. We will be more than happy to advise on next steps when you are contacted.

    Please ensure photos of your existing kitchen are uploaded below.

    Service proposition


    Our support

    • What can we offer?
      If you are looking to add to, or replace items in your Manor Interiors or Optiplan kitchen, we can offer new cabinetry and associated hardware to suit your existing kitchen, so long as it is still available.  Depending on the age of your kitchen some materials or components may have been discontinued by our suppliers.  If there is an issue with the availability of a product we will advise you accordingly, along with any options or advice.
    • What are we not able to offer?
      Our service is designed to help with additional cabinetry and any components that are associate with it.  If your request relates purely to the potential purchase of individual appliances, sinks, taps, lights, loose hardware (such as handles), hinges or any other component then we are not able to provide these in isolation. These items can be sourced from one of the many online specialist hardware and appliance providers who will be able to offer you the correct level of service relative to these products.

    Please note that this service and enquiry form is for new additional items only. If your enquiry relates to a warranty claim then please contact our customer care team directly using the correct email:

    Supply only

    We are currently only able to offer goods on a supply only basis. Our prices include for the delivery of the items to your address, but we are not able to remove or return packaging or protection.

    Things to be aware of

    Once a kitchen is installed over time the nature of the frontal finishes may change slightly due to the effects of sunlight.  This is particularly prevalent in painted and natural wood finishes but will also apply to gloss, vinyl and laminates as well.  The age of your kitchen and the exposure to sunlight will determine the amount of change.

    Whilst we will know the original colour or finish of your kitchen, we cannot account for any slight change in the colour of your exiting units.   Therefore any new components may differ slightly to your original units.  This is not a fault but purely a natural response of the material over time.

    With bought-in ranges we are only able to supply replacement items in the current available materials. With some of our painted ranges you can order a sample of the current colour to check before ordering, but we cannot guarantee a match.

    Guide to obtaining a quote


    STEP 1 – Preliminary thoughts

    Before submitting an enquiry there are some key things that you should consider.  These may not directly be related to our furniture but could impact on the viability of your request.  Things to consider are:

    How much space do you have available?

    If you are considering an island or an additional section of units, please take time to measure out where you think they may go. To help you consider the impact on your existing kitchen you can use masking tape or similar to ‘rough out’ the location of the units and make sure you are happy with the space remaining.


    Do any existing sockets or pipe runs clash with the location of your new units? If your changes involve re-locating or adding appliances you need to consult with a qualified electrician or gas safe plumber to ascertain viability and potential cost. We are unable to advise on any electrical or plumbing work.


    If you are looking to add wall units then you need to consider the potential for cables or pipework which may be in the walls where you want your units to go, these may prevent your fitter from achieving the necessary fixing and may need to be moved. You should also check the nature of the wall to determine if adequate support is available. Some internal walls, depending on the nature of their construction may require additional noggins or supports to be added before your units are fitted. Plasterboard fixings of any type are not a safe or acceptable method for fixing wall mounted units. If you have a new-build property the developer may be able to advise you of this, alternatively it may be necessary to drill some exploratory holes. This should always be done by a competent tradesperson taking into account any potential hidden pipes or cables.

    Access and storage

    Please check that any items ordered will fit into the required area. Our delivery partners will deliver items to the specified area providing there is clear and safe access. This particularly relates to long or heavy items such as worktops and tall larder units. Depending on the number/nature of units ordered please be aware of the space you will need to store the items before they are installed.

    STEP 2 – Measuring & position of additional cabinets

    Once you have been through the above, we will then require the measurements of the units required, or the space you wish to fit the units into. We may have original drawings that relate to your kitchen, however the ‘as built’ installation may differ slightly or the area that you’re interested in installing units into may not have been part of our original design work. When requesting a quote you need to:

    • Measure the space available accurately and provide all measurements in cm/mm.
    • If adding new cabinets onto an existing run, please ensure there is sufficient space for your selected item, allowing for pipework boxing, pillars, boilers and fillers etc.
    • Where possible, mark-up on your plan/drawing or photo where the new item will go, this helps us check the space and see if there is a visible side to the cabinet.
    • Door and Panel requests: If you are looking to replace doors within your kitchen please state the number of doors required, and mark-up on the existing plan which doors need to be replaced, or list them by position in the kitchen. In-frame doors are hand finished into the frame, therefore customers must supply exact measurements for each door, however, due to the nature of replacement doors in a used kitchen, there may be a possibility that in-frame doors will need further adjustment to fit into the frame on-site. Doors will be delivered un-drilled, with no hinges

    What will our quote include?

    • Initially your quote will provide you with a price for the items you have indicated are required.
    • We will clarify inclusions, but unless instructed otherwise, we will include cornice, pelmet, handles and any under unit lights as were supplied on your original kitchen.
    • Where units are adjacent to a wall a suitable filler piece will be provided to allow a scribe to the wall.
    • If the changes to your kitchen are extensive then we may choose to provide an indicative drawing so you can better understand the proposed changes. Please note that due to the volume of requests we cannot produce drawings for minor additions.
    • With your quote you will receive a full list of T&Cs. Please make sure you have read these before placing an order.

    What will we deliver?

    All of our units are factory assembled so will be delivered rigid, complete with door/drawer fronts attached to the cabinets. A hardware pack will be provided to include all unit legs and any loose hardware such as handles which will need to be attached as part of the installation.

    Order process and lead times

    Once we have received your enquiry we will review the content and respond within 10 working days.  You may be contacted within that time if there are any questions we have that we need answering before providing a response.  Once you have received a response please review the contact and then confirm your acceptance or any amendments required.

    Should you then wish to proceed with an order you will be supplied with a full and final quote, to which payment must be made.  All furniture is manufactured to order so lead times will be 6-8 weeks depending on range.  Once your items are on order you will be given an estimated week ending date for delivery.  A specific delivery date will be fixed the week prior to delivery.

    With your quote you will receive a full list of T&Cs.  Please make sure you have read these before placing an order.